Thursday, February 7, 2013

Financially Smart in 2013

I vow to be financially smart in 2013 and beyond!

That means no excessive, impulsive or panic-buying modes. And guess what I already survived January without buying major things, mostly just groceries and toiletries. What is most difficult was January happens to be the month of my fave sale season which is the Dubai Shopping Festival!

How was I able to do it? It's not easy, but since I have this goal I know it will be worth it.

1. I avoid malls like a plague, I keep telling myself I don't need anything so instead of wasting my time I could do other things than malling.
2. I buy what I need, with a grocery list on hand. And some extra but not much like before.

I hope to adapt the system religiously and save as much as possible. I'm looking into different kinds of investments available and those that I can afford. 


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