Thursday, December 8, 2011

White on Christmas

One of the Christmas Party on my list is with my bus mates. Our group was formed because we share the same bus rental or service to and from the office. It has the same principle as the school bus except we are all grown ups. We came from different offices inside the free zone and from different parts of Dubai. But we clicked and bonded on our daily commute.

For our Christmas party we decided to spend it in a park to have ample space for our activities like games, exchange gifts and others. We also decided to have color coding on the tops we will wear for picture taking purposes. I went for a white top while the others either red or green, the colors of Christmas!

So I am now on the look out for a simple white top that can be both chick and comfy. I went yesterday to a nearby mall but was in vain. So I started looking online, and saw one from white clothing company

I think I will go for this one and was guaranteed it can still be delivered before the 23rd. Should I go with the boots too?

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  1. I like white. I was wearing a white tank top covered with a red cardigan today at a party. Problem is, my new cardigan stained on my white top. Waaah!